Reesio is perfect for Brokers, Transaction Coordinators, and Agents.


Create brokerage and invite agents

We make it super simple to create a new brokerage and to invite your agents to join. Once your agents join, you can easily manage and review all of their transaction files. You can also create your own transactions for yourself or on behalf of your agents.


Set up compliance templates for your agents to follow.

Reesio lets you set up compliance templates with customized tasks and documents that your agents must follow in a specified order for each transaction. You can require that tasks/documents be flagged for you to review before an agent can mark them as being completed. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your agents are following your required processes.


Review and audit your agents’ documents and transaction details

When agents flag tasks/documents, you’ll automatically get notified. From there, you can review, approve, and not approve documents, as well as add comments to documents. Reesio forever stores a complete conversation log of all of your comments on a particular document. Reesio also locks documents in for version control, and agents cannot mark a compliance task/document as being completed until you’ve officially approved it.


Assign leads and manage your listing syndication

Reesio’s CRM features allow you to easily assign leads that come into your brokerage to different agents. And for smaller brokerages where your MLS doesn’t syndicate to the large portals, Reesio lets you automatically syndicate your brokerage’s transactions as listings to those portals.


Reduce liability and avoid legal headaches

Because Reesio gives you full visibility and auditing capability of your agents’ transactions, fewer agent mistakes happen, which means less liability risk for you. And we store all of your agents’ transactions forever, so you never have to worry about losing their info and being unprepared for a state or legal audit.


Upload contacts and add leads

With Reesio’s CRM, you can upload a CSV file of all of your contacts and store them as an address book within Reesio. Your contact address book is fully integrated into our transaction management platform, allowing you to easily add your contacts to transactions. You can also automatically add leads from other sources and create leads from your contacts.


Use processes, milestones, tasks, and rules to manage leads

We make it really easy to manage all of your leads within Reesio by allowing you to set up processes, milestones, tasks, and rules that need to be followed for each lead. You can also record notes and activities for each lead. And Reesio even lets you automatically add email interactions that you’ve had with leads directly into Reesio so that you can see your complete conversation history for each lead!


Create and manage your transactions from beginning to end

From unlimited document storage, to e-sharing and e-signing of documents, to full workflow and communication management, to activity logs and notifications of everything that is taking place, Reesio’s transaction management system has everything that you need to ensure a paperless and smooth online transaction process. No separate e-signature accounts required.


Syndicate your listings and single property page websites

Stop the double-entry work required to syndicate your listings to the large portals for marketing. Reesio automatically syndicates your listing transactions to websites like Trulia, and other portals. Reesio also automatically creates a single property page website for each transaction, which you can use to market your property and receive offers on it. Both of these features can be turned on/off at any time.


Make more money and avoid legal headaches

By managing and responding to your leads efficiently through Reesio’s CRM, you’ll convert more cold leads into warm leads, and more warm leads sales. And at 10 times the speed you would otherwise, thus generating more revenue for you at a faster rate. With Reesio’s transaction management product, you will reduce your legal liabilities because everything is documented and recorded within our system at all times, thus reducing legal disputes with clients over what was done/not done.

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