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Meet the Team

The Reesio team has a combined 21 years of real estate brokerage and investing experience, along with 12 years of combined technology experience. This gives us the perfect blend of industry expertise and technology chops that is needed to build a beautiful, clean product that takes into account all of the legal and compliance features that agents require. We are forward thinkers who move fast and are passionate about listening to feedback from our customers.

Uyen headshot

Uyen Jones Co-Founder, Product Manager

Uyen has spent over a decade immersed in Real Estate as a Real Estate/Mortgage broker and investor. Having experienced countless buy/sell transactions both as a Real Estate professional and client, Uyen has gained a deep understanding of the complexities and pain points of the transaction process. Since founding Reesio, Uyen has taken on all aspects related to Product. She continues to share her industry knowledge, wisdom (wink) and love of food with the Reesio team.

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Jonathan Mui Co-Founder, CTO

Jonathan graduated in Computer Science at Berkeley where he studied topics including Computer Security, Systems, and User Interfaces. He loves exploring new technologies to make developers more powerful, but most importantly, solve customer problems in a practical way.

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John Irving Dulay Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

John Irving comes from an Engineering and Business background, graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Information Systems Management. He also has 5 solid years of development experience, working on all parts of the development stack. Companies he has worked for include Live Nation,, and most recently OpenTable.

He first joined Reesio as VP of Engineering in May 2012 where he led a major product redesign/rebranding of Reesio. He also played a pivotal role in the launching of Reesio's current broker product and continues to apply his expertise to better the real estate transaction experience for everyone. John's philosphy is simple. Keep it lean.


Uday Kumar Lammatha Software Engineer

Uday Kumar Lammatha graduated from International Technological University (ITU) with a degree in Computer Software Engineering. He has 5 years of web development experience. He is always showing interest in learning new things happening in computer software programming. He believes working as team will bringup more successful results.

Tylerdoss headshot

Tyler Doss Software Engineer

Tyler Doss is a Computer Engineering graduate from Villanova University. His background contains a mixture of full-stack web development as well as hardware/software integration with machine automation. He loves to learn new things and is always interested in trying out the newest platforms and techniques that emerge from the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Khanh headshot

Khanh Dao Software Engineer

Khanh Dao studied Computer Science from San Jose State University. She has 5 years experience in web development. She loves to try out the newest technology stacks that emerge from the rapidly evolving tech industry. One of her favorite Dr.Seuss's quotes is "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

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Jasen Salcido Software Engineer

Jasen Salcido is a Computer Science graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz. He has spent the last 4 years working on several front end projects and building back end services. He loves reading books on several technologies and topics in computer science taking a bigger interest in web application security and cryptography. While a new rider, he enjoys going for motorcycle rides on the weekends.

Jtran headshot

JP Tran User Experience Designer

JP Tran is a designer graduated from SJSU. He is highly allergic to bad designs (break out in hives and all). He spends most of his time working toward finding the most natural and easiest way to cure these allergies for himself and others. He also enjoys traveling the world and spending time with his dogs.

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